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Shahbaz Mogal is a University Innovation Fellow candidate, and Junior at the Milwaukee


School of Engineering (MSOE). At MSOE, Shahbaz studies Software Engineering and is very interested in the human aspect of Computer Science: designing the right technology for the right people, ensuring the human-centric design is conveyed to developers, and managing the human dynamics of a high-performing development team.

Shahbaz believes in being an active contributor to bigger goals. Some of his current projects include democratizing Artificial Intelligence to middle-school girls through Girls Who Code, and introducing students of color to STEM fields through the BeyondSTEM initiative.

His university journey so far has seen him intern at a startup working on their Search feature, and he wil be interning at Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence & Research division this coming summer. Outside of his academic career, most of the things he likes learning about are not related to Computer Science: business, economics, history, and biographies.

Shahbaz realizes that he grew up in an environment where he was lucky to have all the resources, encouragement and infrastructure he needed. He understands the kind of impact this environment has had on him enabling him to become a believer, and a do-er. He wants to work toward ensuring that every person is in such an environment where they can thrive, as he believes we are all for the better when that happens. This is what drives his passion with Girls Who Code, BeyondSTEM, and now, UIF.

In his downtime, Shahbaz loves freediving, hiking, and riding his motorcycle. Over the weekend, you are most likely to find him cooking, or visiting places with his friends, or even binge-watching the David Rubenstein Show.

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