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Seth Palsgraaf
School (Cohort)
University of Twente (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Industrial Design Engineering
The Netherlands


Seth is currently in his second year of the bachelor Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). This study gives Seth a change to be creative, use his problem solving abilities, but also to aim a solution at a certain group of people. During high school he followed the course Research and Design (O&O) for six years. This course teaches you the fundementals about group work, and it makes you discover your qualities and pitfalls. These experiences are well used in the projects each semester. His dedication results in him fullfilling a substantial role each project, where leading and keeping the team on track are eye-catching qualities.

Besides mechanical movement and anything car related, Seth loves entrepreneurship. He hopes IDE and UIF will direct him so that one day he can set up his own company. Ideally, this company would solve the pollution problem caused by passenger verhicles.


2019 - Winner of the “Veluwse innovatieprijs” (price for innovative projects) for students

2019/2020 - Two articles in the car trade magazine AMT about a climate control retrofitting solution for passenger vehicles

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