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Union College Mechanical Engineering 2017' 

University Innovation Fellow 2015'

General Electric Star Award Recipient

Sean Farrell is a motivated, empathetic, inspiring individual who immerses himself in the entrepreneurial mindset; the cognitive directive to seek out problems, develop analytical processes, and act on a solution. He has diligently developed the entrepreneurial mindset throughout his life, further enhanced as a result of becoming a University Innovation Fellow. From campus-related issues to global issues, Sean strives to create tangible results. In particular, Sean has worked with another University Innovation Fellow to implement Union College’s first collaborative space - the Idea Lab. He has planned events to foster innovative thinking, such as bringing in the VP of Etsy, a leading e-commerce marketplace with an incredible mission. Furthermore, he is currently in the process of designing an interdisciplinary study-abroad program which focuses on creating tangible solutions to problems in developing countries. Sean dedicates himself to igniting innovative solutions, no matter how difficult the challenge.

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