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Joined The UIF Force
: Fall 2019
School: Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute Of Technology

What He Does Now: Student

Sai Kiran Chall is an University Innovation Fellow who is an aspiring author and wordsmith of his own right, Sai Kiran Challa is currently pursuing 3rd year, BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology. He has a knack at grabbing crowd attention, as well as immense fluency in Telugu and English. He is an optimistic individual who takes part and wins home prizes in several activities and events all over the campus. His aptitude towards Telugu poetry has blessed him with a gift for voice modulations and a spontaneous talent for an immense articulation in his mother-tongue that few possess in this day and age. He's a bibliophile by nature, and his practical advice have dubbed him as the stress buster by his peers. He has the ability to calm an individual down and allow them to think as broad and rational as the situation asks for. He tends to dwell on thinking philosophically for long periods of time, and enjoys being one with the nature by taking long treks on forest and mountain trials from time to time.


Vasireddy venkatadri Institute of Technology


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