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Peeyusha is a student studying B.E(CSE) in Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering “No two people see the world same”,


Peeyusha is a girl who resonates deeply with these words. Born on 30th June,1998 at Davanagere and later moved to Mysore. She loves travelling to different places, explore and figure out things on her own, thereby making room for freedom and creativity. She is the kind of person who loves to inspire people and wants to set an example for those who look up to her & to show them all, the results of perseverance, commitment and the power of dreaming bigger. “The best motivation is Self-motivation” says Mel Robbins and is something Peeyusha abides by  . A proud citizen of India, she quotes the father of the nation, “The best way to express yourself is to be truthful". This expresses the importance she places on honesty, integrity and standing for what she thinks is right.  She belongs to a culture of vibrant colors, lot of festivals and strongly believes it is important to learn about different cultures, their perspectives and while sharing our own. Interacting with people is something she loves because she believes there is always room to take away something. She says two is better than one, thereby putting forth her views about a team, a community and the benefits of being a good team player. Her desire to implement what she learns, among my colleagues, fellow mates has always driven her. She works on what good she can give back to the community and the world around. Few of her areas of interest are Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Analytics & Data Mining. There are a number of ways to influence, inspire and make things better and she says technology is one such way as it can be used wisely to uplift the poor, help the needy and make the world we live, a better place.


Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering



Anushree Rao

Apoorva Singh


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