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Panashe Mangezi
School (Cohort)
University of Twente (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Civil Engineering
The Netherlands


Panashe is a Zimbabwean student pursuing her bachelor's in Civil Engineering at the University of Twente (UT). She was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and briefly moved to Swaziland and South Africa during her early childhood. She now resides in the Netherlands.

At UT, she has been involved with the student association, SUSTAIN, and has served as chair of the board. She is interested in sustainability and its application in and beyond the environment by introducing more conversations about intersectionality and the socio-economic sustainability. In addition to this, she has enjoyed collaborating with the various bodies on campus with a stake in these topics.

Her academic interest's include the role that infrastructure plays on societal behaviour, as well as climate-proof buildings in sub-Saharan Africa. Panashe is also interested in the development policies and strategies for this region in the face of climate change. These interests have sparked curiosity in the role that tertiary education plays and how young people can lead these changes.

Ultimately, Panashe's interests and pursuits are to hopefully contribute to a planet that is safer (socially, economically and physically) for all who reside in it.


2018 - Yale Young Global Scholar (SDSE)

2019 - President of Hellenic Academy Interact Society

2019 - Secretary General of Hellenic Academy Model United Nations

2020 - Chair of Sustain board

Social media profiles

Instagram: @panmangezi

LinkedIn: Panashe Mangezi

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