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Nina Stevenson pic.jpeg
Nina Stevenson
School (Cohort)
University of Twente (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Mechanical Engineering
United Kingdom


Nina Stevenson – 24 year old Mechanical Engineering Student at University of Twente. Grown up in rural England, worked in various countries of Europe and South America, now based in the Netherlands. Enthusiastic in all of her endeavours and driven by her intuition to work hard for a better future for the world she is a part of. A huge head for numbers, but overall a people person to the core.

During her teenage years Nina has competed internationally and nationally in hockey, lacrosse, athletics and rowing. She trained for two years in the cadette force section of the British Army and made multiple outdoor expeditions to the level of her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. At school she excelled in mathematics and design technology.

Following school and side-jobs in England she moved to Germany, where she made fast promotions to a job working for Menzies Aviation- predominantly for the British Airways client. Here her love for making connections with people form all across the globe and going out of her way to help was clearly seen. Becoming a Team leader at 19 was a challenge that Nina rose to, endeavouring to do give her best effort in every task and always allowing everyone to feel seen and heard. With great challenge comes great learning.

After Germany Nina was drawn to see more of the world- with a passion to find out more about the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest taking her to the South American continent for 10 months. This was eye opening and a huge fuelling for the potential she has to make a positive difference to the world. However, understanding the importance of education as a leverage to make this change, she applied to Twente to embark upon her Engineering studies.

Now speaking English, German, Spanish, basic French and learning Dutch. Nina is unique character who will bring enthusiasm and passion to any team she is a part of. Working to finish her degree, an active sports team member and candidate for the University Innovation Fellows. Here Nina is excited to improve the higher education experience for people, and start to make the change she would like to see in the world- focused on bringing people together.


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