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Nathanial Evans is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate for the Fall 2015 cohort. He was born in Topeka, Kansas, and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a scientifically and mathematically inclined person who enjoyed problem solving and who was fascinated by the psychology and finer points of business, Nathan acquired a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in business. During his undergraduate studies, Nathan worked a summer on a farm, held an engineering internship at a local company, and was a research assistant at a large research facility.

Nathan used his engineering degree to pursue a career with a multibillion dollar Oil company as a field engineer. After working in the field for six months, Nathan was one of twenty one thousand people laid off from his company. Nathan likes to see changing conditions as opportunities for improvement. Nathan used his layoff as an opportunity to pursue his Master’s degree and return to the field of research and development. Nathan is now a fulltime engineer at Infinite Composites Technologies, and a graduate research assistant at Oklahoma State University where he is working on his Master’s degree in materials science and engineering.

Nathan’s time on the farm and in the oilfields has given him an appreciation for hard work. His minor in business, his participation in a stage 1 Venturewell E-Team, and his current position with a small startup company have all given him a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship. Nathan is eagerly looking forward to using all that he has learned to improve the experience of the undergraduate students he works with at the university. He especially hopes that he can help them to be better prepared for the “real world” workforce that they will be entering.

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