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Serving as a UIF Since: Fall 2019

School: The University of Texas at Dallas

What she does now: Graduate Student

What that means: She's completed her Masters in Business Analytics and a Graduate in Machine Learning from UTD

Email: lankamounicakrishna46@gmail.com

Lanka Mounica is a vibrant personality, constantly involved in a plethora of activities across campus. In 2023, she completed her master's degree in Business Analytics from the renowned University of Texas at Dallas, an experience that enriched her with invaluable life lessons and professional acumen. Unquestionably industrious, Mounica harbors a fervent desire to discover the wonders of the world.

Her passions extend into the realms of music, dance, and literature, cultivating in her an adventurous spirit. She is a fervent globetrotter, driven by an insatiable case of wanderlust. As she navigates through her explorations, Mounica dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Her mission is not just to succeed personally but to enhance the education system in India by creating a network aimed at uplifting quality and standards.

In her journey to accomplish extraordinary feats, Mounica actively engages in community work. She has contributed to the ACM Student Chapter at VVIT and the MAD NGO, which provides education support to orphans.

Despite her surprising aversion to the classic Indian 'dahi', or curd, Mounica was born with a fondness for sweets. A devoted admirer of the arts, she maintains her health fervorously. Mounica is a recognized fitness enthusiast, boasting medals in various sports, and a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation. A dweller of the "Kingdom of Zzz's", she values her sleep as much as her active endeavors.

Initially, Mounica may seem a bit reserved, but once familiar, she becomes as comfortable as a long-lost twin. She embodies resilience and determination, always ready to confront challenges head-on and make firm decisions when necessary. Her father stands as her prime inspiration and mentor in life, guiding her in every step she takes.

Mounica finds joy in public speaking and relishes long drives with family and friends. If you seek a human who combines the pursuit of perfection with an unwavering zeal to achieve, Mounica is the embodiment of that very spirit. Her academic journey has honed her skills and enriched her life experiences, making her a competent individual ready to take on the world.


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