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Joined the UIF Force:Fall 2019.

School: Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, Nambur, India.

What she does now: Student.

Email:  lankamounicakrishna46@gmail.com

Lanka Mounica is an ardent being, who finds her calling in involving in activities all over the campus. She's currently pursuing 3rd year, BTech in Computer Science Engineering at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology. A workaholic, she has a zeal to explore the world. With a knack for music, dance and literature, she has a spirited case of wanderlust and loves travelling. She ambitions to become an entrepreneur, for she is passionate on creating a network to improve the quality and standards of the education system in India. She has a passion to achieve great things in life, and is involved in community work, such as ACM Student Chapter, VVIT, and MAD (Make A Difference) - An NGO looking to provide care and support to orphans throughout their education period. Though she dislike the classic 'dahi', or curd, as we call it in India, she was born with a sweet tooth. She's a dweller of the Kingdom of Zzz's and sleep. She loves the arts, and is a huge fitness buff with medals in various sports, and is also a yoga/meditation enthusiast. A bit shy with new people, once aquainted, she mingles as well as a long lost twin in a jiffy. She believes in taking a firm stand over crucial decisions, and wouldn't back out of a challenge. Her prime inspiration and mentor in life is her father. She likes public speaking and enjoys long drives with family and friends. If you want a human with a zeal to achieve things and a workaholic/perfectionist, she's the one you're looking for!


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