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Matt Snow is a freshman at Elon University, currently planning to double major in Economics & Finance with a minor in Political Science. At Elon is an undergraduate Business Fellow, a Libertarian Party Chairman in the North Carolina Student Legislature, a member of the student non-profit H.O.P.E., and a guitarist/founder of his band signed by the student record label.

Politics is a true passion of Matt. Starting in middle school, he became intrigued with politics, economics, history, and current events, often discussing issues with teachers and adults. 

Matt believes in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship, in fact he believes it is (and has been) the only solution to our problems. Concerned with growing national debt in the U.S. and unsustainable economic policies of governments around the world, Matt wants to be surrounded by the types of people who can bring us the next Silicon Valley and harness the power of the free market to tackle the social issues that governments are unable to solve. 

A hard worker, a "big picture thinker", and a lover of group discussions, Matt gives his all in whatever he pursues. Matt can be contacted at msnow6@elon.edu

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