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Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (aka. KC) is a third-year undergrad student pursuing Mechanical Engineering in Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology. He also a cadet of 2 (A) Armd Sqn NCC, Guntur Group HQ, under the National Cadet Corps of India. Primarily a defence aspirant, KC interested in the studies of defence, strategy, tactics, warfare, geopolitics, peace and conflict etc. Apart from these, he studies Parapsychology, Meta & Quantum Physics, Philosophy, Archaeology, Genealogy. Every now then he finds myself in a completely different subject and strongly advocates that multidisciplinary approach is essential for a human. 

With 94,000 contributions, KC is one of the most active Wikipedia editors from India. He has been to contributing Wikipedia and its sister projects since December 2014, and predominantly contributes to English Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. He works on the content related to Indian military history, and sometimes that of other nations as well. Apart from his online contributions, he has also organized several Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, Meet-ups, and various outreach activities. Over the period, KC has been serving on various roles in the Wikimedia movement. As of this writing, he is an Executive Committee Member of Wikimedia Chapter (India), Coordinator of WIkiProject Military History on Englsih Wikipedia, and Parter coordinator for The Wikipedia Library. He also has a strong record of credits, and content contributions. More about his works on Wikipeida and its sisters projects can be learned from his Global Wikipedia User-page.

KC also formed Wikipedia club in his college, named VVIT WikiConnect. Apart from these, he has been certified in the Studies of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism by Georgetown University, and also in Basic Photography by Indian Institute of Photography. As of Jan 2018, he's pursuing a certification course on International Humanitarian Law (law that regulates the conduct of war), fron IGNOU. Every now and then, he answers to questions on Quora, and his aswers have been viewed more 85K times. More of his writings can be seen on his blog. 

As fellow at VVIT, he contributed to awareness and contribution to "Open Society" initiatives as it is one of the most important to methods to check the institutions role and impact on the society. He worked towards bringing the culture of "Open Access" on the campus from 3/10 to 7/10. This includes creating awareness among the students, staff, and the administration, about "Open Access", its need and importance. As part of, he encouraged students from the Wiki-club to promote the use of Creative Commons licenses.

He also held held several design thinking workshops for a total of 500 people, along with Fellow:Harsha Teja and Fellow:Sm Raiyyan.[1]

Global Wikipedia User-page: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Krishna_Chaitanya_Velaga

Quora profile: https://www.quora.com/profile/Krishna-Chaitanya-Velaga

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