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Harsha Teja is a University Innovation Fellow at Design School Of Standford

He is an undergraduate student studying 4th year Computer science and Engineering at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology. He is from

From a very young age, Harsha was interested in entrepreneurship .So he is pursuing Diploma in Enterpenuership In North Eastern Universcity Boston(Online Diploma) . Previously he worked as Network Engineer in YUPPTV PVT LTD., During Working In YUPPTV, he had secured a good amount of knowledge in Network Security.

When Coming to sloving Problems He is quite good in finding optimum Solutions He is a techie always looking to explore new  technologies and go through them and get some knowledge and later master the things accordingly .He is currently working on artificial intelligence and computer vision, working to develop autonomous drone for delivery .He have good communication skills .So that he can work with people well in any kind of work environment  .He is a head of Placements wing in Student activity council. He will take lead in organizing technical events and many more activities in his college .He is a very good Team player and A Team lead and he will put his 100% Effort to solve problems. He loves to play Football.

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