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Julian is an undergraduate student at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, studying International Business Administration, who is always open to meet new people. Originally coming from Berlin, Germany, he decided to start his study at the University of Twente because of the university's strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Julian is very interested and passionate about having a positive impact on other people through I&E. The energetic and exciting atmosphere about I&E is what drives Julian. He wants to introduce people to change, convince them of its value and by that realise change. Besides that, Julian is very interested in design and the power it has over people. He is participating in the design track of the honours programme of his school. In a multidisciplinary team he is exploring different aspects of design and its impact on people. 

Driven by I&E, Julian is working as Junior Business Developer for Novel-T, a company seeking to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Twente, the most innovative region of the Netherlands. In addition to that Julian aims at offering companies the opportunity to exchange knowledge and to meet new talents as General Manager of the University of Twente Purchasing Conference.
Having worked as student coach and project tutor, Julian guided freshmen through their studies and was always in close contact with the students.

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