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Julia Perline is a University Innovation Fellows of the fall 2019 cohort at Elon University in North Carolina. Her intended majors include computer engineering and applied mathematics. Julia is originally from Glenwood, MD which is a small town between Baltimore and DC. While moving from Maryland to North Carolina was a big change for her, she was excited to experience all that Elon had to offer. 

At Elon, Julia serves as a coordinator for the Elon Campus Kitchen team, a group that harvests, prepares, and donates 120 meals each week to the people living in Alamance County, North Carolina. She loves both cooking and volunteering and is excited to have found a program where she can do both. Additionally, she is a member of the Elon Engineering club, which is how she learned about the University Innovation Fellows program. Julia also holds a job on campus as a teaching assistant for MATLAB, a computer programing class that is required for first year engineering students at Elon. Lastly, Julia is a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. 

From a young age, Julia has been very curious. She loves to learn about the community and the ways in which she can positivley impact it. Julia is excited to have the opportunity to create change both on Elon’s campus and in the community the surrounds it.

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