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Julia Brunhuber
studies Business Management in the Master’s program at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (FH Salzburg).

During her Bachelor’s, she specialized on Human Resource Management & Leadership as well as Marketing & Relationship Management. During her Master’s, she is going to focus on Business Development to expand her knowledge in analyzing systems, evaluating problems and develop customer-centric solutions together with the companies.

Furthermore, Julia works for the film production company SolidShot where she is responsible for budgeting and planning, the “behind the scenes” of producing a movie. Planning and organizing are two things Julia is really passionate about – helping others making there dreams and ideas come true is her contribution to society, her way of making an impact.

Additionally, she volunteers at the local Student Union and is in charge of educational policy there, she continuously works on the improvement of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences together with the heads of the faculty, the rector and the heads of the departments. In 2016, Julia voluntarily joined the “Buddy program” where she takes care of exchange students coming to Salzburg, introduces them to the city and the life in Austria.

Besides her study, her job and the Student Union, Julia is really interested in psychology, change processes and political/socioeconomical topics. Her friends will confirm that her character is as diverse as her interests, a wild mixture between super rational and willing to give all it takes to help others.

 If you have any questions concerning project management, change processes or Austria – don’t hesitate to contact her!


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