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Joined the UIF Force:
Fall 2019.

School: Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, JNTUK.

What she does now: Student

Email: juhiyeturu@gmail.com

Currently pursuing her second year in Computer Science Engineering at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technologywith a motto to live a life with no quest unturned, Juhi Yeturu is a 19 year old globe trotter, bibliophile and a multilingual enthusiast, (speaking languages ranging from Chinese to Telugu and Hindi). She loves music of all forms and constantly takes up new instruments to experiment on. A quintessential example of hyperactivity, she's a jack of all arts, (not necessarily a master at 'em, though)! Building bird houses? Writing a book? Knitting? Sports in general? Conspiracy theories? Evolution of anime music? Grooming a rabbit? Sunflower potpourris? Pre-medieval art? Start a topic with her, and get prepared to get hit by a whorling storm of words you'd wish would stop. She loves interacting with people and experiencing new cultures. She's almost never at class, given that she's always rushing out to add new things to her bucket list. Her ambition is to become a World Dominator. As a Plan B, she's decided to settle down with aiming to be an Entrepreneur. If you want someone amicable to get along with, and enjoy learning about the world through the eyes and ears of a chronic chatterbox/webtoon worshipper/part-time translator/editor/weeb with 12 years of experience in the field, she's the one for you. Weeell, writing in 3rd person feels creepy in a way, y'all. Nice to meet you, and hope we have a happy co-operation!!

PS: 21 in 2021, Senior Year


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