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Jannik is an undergraduate student at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in Germany. He started studying General Engineering Science in 2018. The program consists of interdisciplinary basic studies followed by the choice of one of several branches of specialised studies. All the fields in the classical engineering sciences are presented in a single basic course of study. This type of general basic course in engineering science is unique within the German university system. After the second semester Jannik chose Mechatronics as special major.

Extracurricular activity

Jannik is an elected member and president of the student representatives. Therefore he is the main advocate of ~700 students. His tasks include leading a team of ~20 students, organizing and heading weekly meetings and semi-annual plenary sessions for the entire student department, and communication with all important university departments.


Driven by the lack of creativity in his Bachelor's studies Jannik wants to create and support opportunities for his student peers to think and solve problems that aren't tamable by an algorithmic framing.

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