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Jakob Scheitza is a student from the Hamburg University of Technology. He was in the cohort of fall 2018, which was the first cohort ever on this campus.

He studies the master degree “International Industrial Engineering and Management”. Before this, he did his bachelor degree in engineering at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg with specialisation in production management.

Jakob is interested in the research fields of innovation. Therefore, he works at the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management at his university. In his work, he searches for the topic of frugal innovations and already was part of publishing a study on this topic.

One of his bis passions is soccer, but more in an observing way. He is a big supporter of Eintracht Frankfurt, the team which is 400km away located in his hometown.

By the way, the picture on top shows him pitching at a Creathon hosted by the University of Twente where he and other international UIF colleagues met.

His teammates were:




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