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rene Hsieh is an undergraduate student studying a double degree of Electrical Engineering and Medical Science at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Intrigued by leadership within society, both as practice and idea, Irene hopes to learn about it through experience. As a first year university student, she was involved with grassroot movements at her university. She then moved onto facilitating workshops about social outcomes and leadership. Along with the facilitators, they were nominated for a UTS Human Rights Award. This curiosity further led her to engage with her surrounding communities and eventually became the president of the Engineering Society in 2017.

Irene is also passionate about empowering females in STEM, and actively seeks to integrate this ongoing conversation into main stream culture. After receiving the Zonta Women in Engineering and IT Scholarship, she broadened her focus by supporting those at her university and reaching out to females in secondary education from low social economic areas. In 2016, Irene became a recipient of the Women in Engineering Student Scholarship, awarded by Engineers Australia.

Irene is facsinated by different walks of life and values dynamic stories told by individuals. She hopes to expand the works of engineers and innovators through leadership. 

Reach her at irene_hsieh@live.com 
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