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Corey Stewart

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Corey Stewart is a fourth year Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with a goal to use his knowledge and skills to help society live a more comfortable, connected and smarter life.

From a young age Corey travelled around Australia as his parents took on new and exciting positions throughout their careers. This resulted in a total of 13 relocations and a necessity to adapt quickly to new environments and people. Not only did this experience shape his schooling years but his whole outlook on life; think outside the box, connect with new people and find solutions within the ever changing surroundings.

After the transition into university Corey was able to further explore his desire to learn and experiment through the fields of engineering and technology. He quickly worked his way up the ranks to become the president of the UTS Robotics Society two years running, only stepping down this year in the hopes of passing on the experience to another up and coming member of the society. He is continuing to work closely with the new team and is helping train the future leaders of the club so that they too can continue to reach out to more students. This along with other programs such as the UTS Hatchery Entrepreneurship Program, F1 in schools and NI Robotics Competition have continued to grow Corey’s passion for developing and experimenting with robotics, electronics and IOT related platforms.

He is currently working on multiple projects including more accessible home automation, techniques to simplify human-technology interaction, and a combat robot to be entered in the 2017 RoboWars Australia competition. Corey is very eager to pair his technical mind and hands-on skills with various industries in order to help pave the path for the future advancement of our current world.


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