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Hizirwan Salim is a University innovation Fellow and a Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Twente. Before moving to Enschede for his studies he lived in Amsterdam, where he also grew up. Already at elementary school he was interested in computer systems, biology and creating things from scratch. He followed his passions by going to a technical university in which his love for biology and technology was combined.

His passions are mainly in healthcare, augmented reality and software development. He is combining this at the startup where he works named Aryzon.Within Aryzon he is using augmented reality to improve healthcare. Before working in the startup he worked on hobby projects with similar topics. One of them was creating automated lights which would help with waking up for university.

Next to his study and the startup he works at, a lot of time is spended on his interest photography, guitar playing and social activities. At age of 14 his brother introduced him to photography, since then he is trying to improve his understanding of how light works and how it can be captured best. In 2017 he was a board member of the "Buddy association", where international students would be coupled with local students. This program is trying to improve the integration next to having fun with people from all over the world.  </

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