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If I had to describe myself in 3 words they would be Ambitious, Diligent, and Inventive. 

I am an undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics at George Fox University, Newberg Oregon. I am a leader in the innovation and entrepreneurship cohort and am further expanding the campuses potential to spread a design thinking mindset. My interest spans in the area of research development and product design, excelling in 3D modelling and conceptual design. At George Fox University, I am currently working on promoting the prototyping laboratory transdisciplinarily and integrating a design program. I hope to create a maker’s program that is self-sustaining. When not studying, I enjoy working on conceptual drawings and converting them into Solid Works files to be 3D printed and or Laser Cut. I am very studious in the process of Kaizen and is excited about creating numerous iterations of a design.

 I like to consider myself inventive because this summer I co-founded a logo clothing company called TROPIX. 

Growing up in an engineering family, I decided to keep the path going while keeping an open mind to the business economic side of things. My family are predominantly engineers with the exception of my grandfather who had his PHD. in Nuclear chemistry. 

I like to creatively build and craft, anything from cardboard helmets for fun all the way to fabricating fibreglass parts for a friends car. 

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an astronaut. I am hoping that with a mechanical engineering degree, and then potentially trying for masters in aerospace/aeronautical engineering that one day I will be able to not only experience Zero gravity but work with it as well.

Check out my Portfolium Account where My Resume and SolidWorks Portfolios can be found:


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