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Serving as a UIF since: Spring 2017


School: Colorado School of Mines

What she does now: Computer science student, adventurer, website developer

What that means: spends time on the computer as much as she has to, and as much time away from them as she gets to

Ask her about: curriculum redesign to integrate design thinking, changing campus culture, stokes, camping adventures (especially bear stories), and enjoying life!

Email: emmamay@mines.edu

Phone: (847) 208-8177

Emma is entering her junior year studying computer science at eh Colorado School of Mines, and became a fellow during her freshman year.

Emma began her work as a fellow focusing on curriculum redesign. She worked with the design department on campus to integrate stronger design thinking principles and engage better team development practices. She taught in a classroom for a semester, where she found her love of teaching and leading others to find their passions.

She helped establish Mine's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, where she got into web design and learned a ton about making changes from the administrative side. This is also where she first got into web design!

Emma is currently focusing on creating a culture of creativity, passion, and kindness on her campus. She hopes to reshape how students view the purpose of their education- that the final goal not be to recieve a degree but rather discover a driving passion.

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