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Title: Teaching Associate Professor

Department: Engineering, Design, and Society (EDS)

Institution: Colorado School of Mines

Mirna Mattjik is currently a Teaching Associate Professor in the Engineering, Design, and Society Department, at Colorado School of Mines. Mirna primarily teaches engineering design; but is also faculty in the McBride Honors Program.  Mirna's formal education is in industrial technology, international political economy, project management and leadership. Her active research agenda is about improving teaching and learning for engineers and applied scientists - which interests include but not limited to: student-centered teaching and learning, pedagogy in design, honors pedagogy and scholarship, diversity and inclusion in higher education, ethics in engineering and reflective practices in engineering education. In the classroom, Mirna strives to encourage students’ intrinsic motivation to learn through modeling authenticity in teaching and learning.

Recent scholarships:
Alfred E. Jenni Fellowship
Nickoloff Scholar in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Daniels Fund Scholar in Engineering Ethics

Recent accolades:
Outstanding (EDS) Faculty Award from Class of 2020
University Innovation Fellows (UIF) Mines Faculty Champion

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