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Asya Sergoyan

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Asya is currently a freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. She was originally born in Armenia and moved to the
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United States when she was just four years old. Seeing how far her family has come since then has made her the hardworking and driven person she is today. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family, traveling, and playing tennis! She is extremely passionate about math and science and that is why she chose the engineering path. She loves solving problems and being innovative with technology.With that, she is equally passionate about business, humanities, and inspiring change. She loves engineering, but she doesn't want to be JUST an engineer for the rest of her life. She wants to do something more and make a difference. In high school she was a co-founder for a non-profit organization called "Grades 4 Change" focused around providing free tutoring to struggling elementary school students. Grades 4 Change paired high school students with elementary school students to study any subject that comes to mind. Even teachers requested tutors to come help out in classrooms for a more personal education experience. Grades 4 Change ensured that struggling students do not get behind in school. Any donations made to the organization were donated to charities. By the time she graduated, the organization was involved with over 10 high schools and 12 elementary school and passed down to the new senior class. This experience has shown her that people really can make a difference and that is what we intend to do as the University Innovation Fellows.

In her freshman year at Mines, Asya was also involved in planning and conducting many events on campus. She helped run an innovation competition sponsored by Newmont Mining Corporation. Newmont generously donated $70,000 to the Colorado School of Mines to have a competition where teams design new, innovative solutions to current issues within the mining industry. She is also on the team that is organizing a Business Workshop focused around the Business Model Canvas to help the ten winning teams start up their businesses in preparation for the final competition, where one team will win $20,000 to make their idea truly come to life. 

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