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Elisabeth is an Industrial Design student at the university of Twente in the Netherlands. She is currently the chairman and officer of educational affairs of the study association of Industrial Design. Doing that for a year she learned to develop her strengths and skills.  During her board year she organized lots of activities concerning education as well as fun 'after uni' activities. She is most proud of the “creative space education pilot” she organised in september of 2016. She began the pilot because she wanted to create awareness about the necessity of creative education and creative workspaces. The week was finalized with an event where hundreds of teachers, students and staff members were invited to see the results. Leading a team of 15 students and cooperating with teachers to make this week a success, she managed to change the minds of 120 employees of the University.

Next to being active in her student and study association she likes to become active in a sport (suggestions are welcome). In her free time she likes to draw, travel and cook. 

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