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Drake Dawson is a mechanical engineering and math student at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. His hard work and long journey to get to college have made him very invested in his community. This investment exhibits itself through many of Drake's daily activities. For example he runs the additive manufacturing lab at George Fox and has been an integral part of establishing a community for innovation and technical interdisciplinary work in the now 16,000 sq. ft space. Drake Dawson has become the name synonymous with getting help on design, prototyping, and manufacturing solutions. Drake also serves his community through his involvement as a resident assistant.  This allows him to regularly and practically engage the people who he works with professionally. Another example of Drake's ambition is through his favorite hobby, cycling. Drake has competed in the sport, interned for bike manufacturing and sales companies, and helped with bike non-profits and co-ops to gain his experience. He now serves as the president of the cycling club, and is known for always taking people on rides, and helping a fellow biker in need. He runs a repair co-op near his campus and hosts a wide variety of events for all disciplines of the sport of cycling. People are able to see the joy, passion, and technical abilities that Drake Dawson has because of the way that he uses his skills to serve others. He loves to learn through failure, success, and hard work and looks forward to pursuing more schooling after he is done at George Fox. Drake hopes to study fluid mechanics or another branch of physics as he moves forward, and he is currently looking for opportunities to speak about his experiences, intern with companies to sharpen his skills, or find a company that he could serve and learn from long-term. Drake Dawson is a man of varied passion and ability, and he loves to share it with others.


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