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Caleb Hubbell is a University Innovation Fellow and is currently studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science at George Fox University. His passion is to build relationships between the typical engineer, and those who require their assistance. He enjoys meeting new people and creating a productive atmosphere fostering teamwork.


    Growing up, my Dad was in the Marine Corps. This was a fantastic childhood that grew me into who I am today. I have been all over the world, having friends from Africa to Cambodia. Having this experience, I feel extremely comfortable around any group of people. I have grown up learning different cultures and how to relate.

   I have exposed myself to a wide variety of work, which I hope will help me in whatever field I choose. I have held jobs ranging from helping the neighbors down the road with any of their PC problems to driving GPS-enabled tractors. I feel like helping the neighbors has shown me how simple things need to be made. Working on the farm was well, hard work. This has given me an extremely strong work ethic. Through my jobs, I have gained the insight into how others think and work, and the skills to work hard and learn untaught skills.

   While in high school, I attended the local university. After my freshman year I would dual enroll through the local charter school, and take college courses. Those three years of college taught me determination and the value of always looking forward. I now realize how invaluable that head start was.

   I am seeking an internship for the upcoming summer. I am hoping to find a challenging opportunity where my passion and talents, with both people and engineering, can be put to use.

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