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Ayesh Awad
School (Cohort)
Elon University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Biomedical Engineering


Ayesh Awad is an Elon University student of the 2020-2024 graduating class. He was born in Amman, Jordan on September 16, 2002. He attended a boarding school in Jordan and earned a full scholarship to attend Elon University as part of the Jordanian delegation for the years 2020-2024. He is pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering and minors in Math and Data Science. He is interested in undergraduate research in brain-computer interface and cardiology biotechnology research and is currently submitting a research proposal to the school to obtain funding to perform undergraduate research on BCI! He is an RA for a first year dormitory and works as a TA for their Elon 101 orientation class. His jobs on campus have included working as an Econ and Physics tutor and student worker for the Academic Advising department.

He speaks two languages with Arabic being his mother tongue. His main hobby is traveling as most of his spending goes towards small vacations and trips around the world. When he is not geeking about science, he is probably geeking about movies. He directed small short Arabic movies back home and acted in a couple of them. He took a couple of film studies courses and wrote multiple research papers about Hollywood's golden age of cinema specifically. Both passion of traveling and cinema stem from his deep want of constantly learning and seeing new things in this world.


- King's Academy Award for Integrated Life: A student example for one of the school's guiding principles that emphasize the integration of all aspects of students' lives – academic, social, spiritual, and physical – in the context of a boarding high school environment in which they learn not only about the world but about themselves.

- Elon University King Hussein Scholarship Recipient: A competitive full scholarship awarded to one Jordanian every four years to attend Elon University.

- President's List in Elon University: The President’s List is composed of students with no grade below an A-minus in a minimum of 12 semester hours. This award has been given during the Fall 2020 and the Spring 2021 semesters for having a cumulative GPA of 4.0.

Social media profiles

Instagram: ayeeshawad Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ayeshawad

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