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Ashley Josey
School (Cohort)
Elon University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Communication Design
United States


Ashley Josey is a Communication Fellow at Elon University with a fierce passion for design.

Growing up, she scribbled her big ideas on every spare napkin and whiteboard around, insistent on reimagining everyday systems and products that failed to meet her needs. Over a decade later, she stepped into the world of design thinking, reigniting this drive to catalyze change for a better future.

Ashley is eager to expand her innovation toolkit as a University Innovation Fellow, while collaborating with a dynamic and curious team to think beyond conventionality and drive sustainable change.


As the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, Ashley designed and led a public service announcement project to unite and uplift her community. After reaching 500+ students, the initiative confirmed her belief that a few sharpies and sticky notes can truly change the world.

Since, she's expanded her passion for leading in the outdoors as a Wilderness First Responder, written a thesis paper exploring methods for sustainable international volunteerism, taught English in Northern Italy for a summer, and baked a lot of cookies along the way.

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