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Hi! My name is Alexander and I am a sophomore at George Fox University, Oregon studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In addition to enjoying running my own lawn and landscape business in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho, I love spending my free time snow skiing, mountain and road biking/cycling, and playing drums. One of my key interests is studying different businesses and how they achieved great things in the world and their individual workplaces. I am passionate about creating a tight knit group of entrepreneurial-minded makers here at George Fox and enabling them to achieve their goals by connecting them to the industry mentors and the tools needed to bring their projects to life. Alongside my fellow innovative geniuses: Drake, Thomas, and Gabe, we are excited to utilize UIF as a tool to bring the campus community closer together through entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

You aren't going to change the world if you aren't willing to get out and take that first step


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