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Rick Akkerman is a University Innovation Fellow of the 2019/2020 cohort of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. Currently he is in his second year of University College ATLAS (Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences), focussing on gaining programming skills and business experience. Moreover, he is participating in the Honours program focused on Processes of Change. Eventhough born and raised in the Netherlands, he loves to explore different places and cultures to widen his view on the world. In his free time he loves to talk to people and play chess.

Next to his studies he is part of the External Relations committee of the study association S.A. Atlantis. Together with six other committee members he is responsible for maintaining and setting up mutual-benificial collaborations with companies that fit to the members of the association.

Currently he is working on uniting the students of his university by creating a platform for students to find information on activities and events where they can reach out to and connect with other students.

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