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Project Name: Schema for Students' Sustainability @ MITS

Project by Faculty Innovation Fellows Candidates Balaji Ramanujam and Vijaya Lakshmi Udayagiri

Why is this project important to you, your department, & your Fellows?

Change is imperative. The project’s focus is the meaning and purposeful involvement of the students on campus. MITS IRO strives hard to establish international students' collaborations. MITS UIFellows to give an impetus to transform the ecosystem.


“Quality education is every student’s birth right” and all systems have to empower the students, the custodians of the planet. To prepare them for tomorrow’s world, driven by knowledge, machine-intelligence and digital pathways, we want to groom our millennials to leverage the limitless opportunities. We have created a platform for deep research orientation, innovation and incubation to establish a robust academic ambience in the ecosystem. We would like to create impact through addressing academia-industry linkages, cross disciplinary initiative’s by international collaborations. “Continuation of life on the planet, making our world more sustainable, healthy, secure and joyful,” MITS’ student community being epicenter of this wellness program, ready to present in a humble way, the captured imagination of the global engineering community and to showcase in the website their innovation, talent building, research, creative project experience, multidisciplinary training, entrepreneurial mindset.

Stakeholders served

  1. Students
  2. Faculty
  3. Management

Key Milestones

  • December 2020: Student Wellness (Mental wellness, Counselling, Mentoring, post-pandemic Trauma handling), Mentoring the Freshmen through Orientation. Yoga, Meditation, Counselling Services through helplines & webinars (as we are working remotely)
  • March 2021: UIF Strategic Priorities & their implementation (Alumni Consortium, Toastmasters Club, Nexus Learning, MITS WIZZ, MITS Flash), DT Workshops (via online/offline)
  • June 2021: Faculty Student Research Collaborations (SHARP), Short term in-house cross-disciplinary projects, channelizing & monitoring of Student Clubs
  • September 2021: Innovation and Entrepreneur skill development, Hackathon, Workshops, and Seminars
  • December 2021: Showcasing the progression of Student Club Activities (Drone, Robotic and Hybrid Vehicle), Progression of International Collaborations.
  • March 2022: International Collaborations, Internship activities, International Fellowships and Global immersion programs.

An Innovation Portfolio

To share is to care: MITS strives hard to improvise the surroundings of the ecosystem through extending its multidimensional services. MITS replicates kaleidoscopic activities of all the stakeholders, their insights and the ongoing innovative activities in the digital platform. With the established interface, MITS hosts various projects and showcases the success stories. The digital platform will serve as a unity matrix to reflect the strategic and customizable approaches, which can be accessed globally as a point of reference.

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