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Strategy #1: Change the student culture on JSU's campus

Throughout this movement, I will be gathering a team of around 20-30 student leaders to become part of a leadership circle. This movement's mission is to empower the students on JSU's campus to step into roles as producers and initiators. With the resources already in existence, and those that are soon becoming available, I feel it's only right that all students have equal access to those as anyone else would. The students should be the key game-changers on our campus and the administration should play the supporting role, seeing as how the university is meant for the advancement of the student. In stating all of this, our mission is also to promote interdisciplinary activities so that the different colleges on campus aren't segregated any longer. Every department on campus should function as one cohesive unit. 

Strategy #2: Improve university technology and transfer and commercialization

The JSU Mississippi e-Business Innovation Center (MBIC) Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (E2) will support development of the next generation of entrepreneurs for the state of Mississippi. E2 will support business entrepreneurial trailblazers who can take an idea to commercialization. Ewill provide a lean start-up infrastructure for creating "spin-off" companies.

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