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Our strategic priorities' main focus is on improving the learning process on our campus. Based on the training we've done, we want to present these projects:

  1. Course Campaign
  2. Company Workshops
  3. Jembatan Ilmu
  4. Psikologi Mahasiswa

You can see each of them below!

Strategic Priorities

Course Campaign

Students are facing lots of chance in their study period of getting experience and knowledge from everywhere even from the other side of the world. This might be a big good for them, but sometimes it doesn't run in the right way. Their main obligation as a student for taking and attending classes seem decreasing in interest and the class just went uninteractively. Our first strategic priorities is building some attractive "advertisement" using social media, called Course Campaign. Teachers could directly promote their own course and is packed with "students-language and style" to motivate students and make them understand the relevancy between courses and the real world condition. Students should know the detail of things and objective of the courses are being given to them.

Jembatan Ilmu

We are making a platform where all of students can ask lots of information about courses they could take and all of the questions related to the courses could be answered by the lecturers directly, called Jembatan Ilmu. Interest is just not enough. Freshmen students are always in the good mood of attending class in their college and then somehow the spirit is going lower as they are living the campus life. So they should always be facilitated of getting new information of insight by having actual and intense discussion about the courses with everyone, their major friends, alumni, practitioner, or even their lecturer. We are providing the place to discuss of technical information and know deeper about their lecturer to motivate them to take and attend the courses.

Company Workshop

Students need the real proofing and statement from competent career person about the relevancy of real world case with the course that they are taken. We provide the place for students to interact with company and institution in form of workshop and seminar. Company gives ilustration about their real case and make it as problem and challenge to be solved by students. Students make design and solution in shape of prototype and then be rated by related lecturer and also company worker.

Psikologi Mahasiswa

The students' psychological condition is an important part of a student learning process. If the students don't have a will inside them, their learning process will be delayed or even stopped. To help students with this kind of problem, we want to make a program where students can seek help from professionals and have a discussion with other students who have similar problems.