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Yudistira Dwi Wardhana Asnar
School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Software and Knowledge Engineering


Yudistira Asnar is currently the chair of Information System and Technology Program (2021) at School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He is one of the main initiator of Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program in ITB (2021) that aims at delivering a program for multi-discipline students to innovate on digital products and setup a business upon those products. He is the main initiator and developer for a campus-wide digital signature project. Moreover, he is also active to develop various digital transformation initiatives within ITB or various enterprises or government agencies.

His focus of research is on security engineering, software engineering, and data engineering. He completed his doctorate at 2009 at University of Trento in Italy.


  • He and his team has implemented Digital Signature in ITB
  • He and his team managed to deliver system for General Election Commission for 2019 National Election and 2020 Local Election
  • He has assisted various government agencies to develop their cybersecurity initiatives
  • He has assisted several enterprises on implementing data analytics-centric initiatives

Awards and recognitions:

  • The 3rd best participants in the Foundation Training on Civil Servant in Ministry Higher Education, Research, and Technology
  • The awardee upon the service for SITUNG 2019 - National General Election 2019

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