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Winter Wilson is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student double majoring in Environmental Studies and Journalism at Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College, with a minor in French. Her academic interests include environmental law and policy, as well as international climate change and security. Though Winter attends school in her hometown of Athens, Ohio, she takes advantage of her breaks to explore the world beyond. She spent her most recent break at a three-month-long internship in Berlin, Germany.

At Ohio University, Winter is a Cutler Scholar as well as an Ohio Fellow. She is also president of the Sierra Student Coalition and is both the Vice Commissioner for Environmental Affairs and Chair of the Special Committee for Sustainable Living in Student Senate. She believes in the ability of the student body to come together to push for and achieve lasting institutional change, and is working to bring together Ohio University students in an effort to encourage her university to divest from fossil fuels and become a more sustainable school. She hopes to develop valuable leadership and entrepreneurial skills through the University Innovation Fellows Program that will help her to be successful in these endeavors.

Winter also has many other hobbies, including: singing, songwriting and performing original music; hiking, backpacking and trail running; reading and storytelling; and trying out any new activity that might interest her. 

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