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Watcharawut Masawat (Neo)
School (Cohort)
Tohoku University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Aerospace Engineering


"Dad! Throw me bullets so that I can stop them!"

Watcharawut Masawat was nicknamed "Neo" for a reason. In early 2000, Neo was born in Thailand with an ambition—to spend years tirelessly watching the Trilogy. He wanted to practice hard, preparing to enter the realm and fight out the evils. There were times when he was standing in front of the wall, asking his father to throw plastic golf balls to him so that he can practice dodging and controlling them mid-air. "I will defeat them all!" He thought. Fast-forwarded years later with some extra daydreaming fumes, he was looking from the point of view of Neil Armstrong, to the Blue Marble scattered with green and white patches. He wanted to be an astronaut, hopefully the first Thai astronaut. Throughout these years, his dream (if it is a person) was having a tough time coping from sickness after several rollercoaster course of anxiety, inspiration, boredom, and dilemmas. Neo is an idea sparker, and almost always gets distracted by news, ideas, that often put his ultimate dream hanging on a thread. He just wanted to be everything listed in the lyrics of The Script's song Hall of Fame.

"No, you can't be the astronaut. That's almost impossible."

He was told several times from people he met and shared his dream to.

"Indeed," he thought. And a piece of his shattered dream was kept hidden ever since.

6 years later, Neo woke up in his apartment room, in Japan. He has received a scholarship to study abroad in an international school of engineering at Tohoku University. By the time of arrival he could not speak Japanese, and can only speak broken Thailish, so he knew he was going to have a really, really rough time. However, he is majoring in Aerospace engineering. Guess what? SAPCE! He could feel his piece of dream crawling out of the deepest pit as he was now surrounded with the like-minded. The boy is now back with an even bigger dream: to plant coffee on the Moon!

Jumping to now, Neo is doing his internship in a space company while trying to embolden himself in Japanese society and spicing up his everyday life with a dash of innovation and entrepreneurship. After a series of successfully failed business competitions, he took a leading position in the student organization focusing on networking the students in the international undergraduate program with the alumni in the industry. He also co-founded the innovation club with his Fellow friends, and start making waves of impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship. His extra plans are to use the platform to embrace, and raise awareness in mental health problems, and racial and sexual diversity in the Japanese society, starting from the university level.


Regarding business and innovation, he has involved himself in several business competitions and gained experience working in a start-up as a CMO. With the management knowledge, he has been working with the international students' community committee, consolidating the organization, connecting and uniting alumni, faculty members, and students. After stepping down from the coordinator role, he took the management and operation role to work with the organizational structures, shaping up the resilient community that stands the test of time. He is also looking opportunities to engage the group with Japanese students and breaking the diversity barriers by co-founding the innovation club with his Fellow friends.

Social media profiles

https://www.instagram.com/neo.wm/ https://www.facebook.com/neowwwww