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Tohoku University was established as Japan's third national university in 1907.

Built over the ancient site of Aoba Castle in Sendai—the city of trees, Tohoku university provides a relaxing and alluring environment that attracts thousands of students annually. With the original vision: "research first," "Open door," and "Practice-oriented research," Tooku University ranks among the top three universities in Japan for decades. The University is now pursuing the globalization era, breaking the language barrier and introduce itself as a global university. The university has established 21 overseas offices and numerous partnerships with universities around the world that leads to dozens of short and long-term exchange students. It is also accepting international students to the international, all-English program.

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

Hult Prize On Campus Tohoku University

Hult Prize is a global entrepreneurship event focusing on university students to exert waves of positive impact on society. Tohoku University has been enlisted as one OnCampus competition venue since 2019 and has been a hub for more than 50 competitors in more than a dozen teams every year.

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

Business Incubation program (BIP)

At Tohoku University, the Center for Business Innovation offers two types of BIP: "Nurturing and Support" for prototyping, feasibility testing, and commercialization support, and "Focus" for full-scale commercialization testing and preparation for joint research with companies. The program is focusing on getting faculties involved in innovation through collaboration with the outside industries.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function


TOHOKU TECHNO ARCH is a Technology Licensing Organization (TLO) that aims to support the creation of new businesses and industries by utilizing intellectual property created at universities. The group serves as a coordinator to return the profits of university researches to society, and as a seed provider for partners to strengthen the competitiveness of business creation by introducing university technologies. There are more than 50 licensed technologies categorized as suitable for commercialization, and several of those have already been launched into successful businesses.

Facilitating university-industry collaboration


Tohoku University's New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe) promotes joint research with industry and other organizations and conducts advanced and original development research. The organization fosters cross-department cutting-edge research to the creation of new technologies that meet societal demands, and in the meantime exploring possibilities for new uses and new industry fields.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

Project Zoom Miyagi

This project encourages international students to get jobs at local companies in Miyagi prefecture. In this project, students interview local companies' CEOs, then summarizes them into a brochure and a website. The program connects with local companies to serve as a training ground for entrepreneurial students to gather their experience before launching their own businesses. Project Zoom Miyagi operates as one of the intercultural classes, supported by a local partner, MIYAX CO., Ltd.