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June 2023

Graduated in 2022 from Godavari Institution of Engineering and Technology (GIET). Now, I have this fantastic opportunity to give back to the community as a uiguide for the 2023 cohort. It's quite a ride, let me tell you!

Okay, let's address that peculiar statement about my curly hair and different ideas. Honestly, I have no idea why I mentioned that. But since becoming a UIFellow, my life has been nothing short of a thrilling rollercoaster (in the best possible way). I've made incredible connections, met inspiring people, and became a true change agent on campus. I've started student clubs, launched NGOs like Emergency Health Care, Books Charity, Animal Welfare Organization, building an equity firm in India, and Volunteering for Ukrainian Students to teach English !!! And guess what? I'm even living out my childhood dream of traveling the world by playing in esports teams and coaching players in need. It's been a wild journey, to say the least!

To put it simply, if you're ready to open your mind, embrace every moment, and take your potential to new heights, the UIFellowship is where it's at. I'm eagerly looking forward to sharing my experiences and warmly welcoming new members into the UIF family. So buckle up, because we're about to embark on an incredible adventure of growth, laughter, and innovation together!


Tirumani Radha Ravi Sankar Pursuing the second year of B Tech in computer science engineering at Godavari Institute Of Engineering & Technology and done Internship at Peritus Inc. He Have Curly hair in the same way; he has different ideas on a single problem statement. He leads his team by his ideology until their entire team reaches the goal, and he also admires all his group in peak times. He always says that “ We should not make mistakes to learn. We can also learn from other’s mistakes too, “ which helps all his team to save time and the entire group. He is now working on some branches of Security Analytics and music also. He guides his junior's and peer's Future Plans, Guitar’s, Lyrics for the music. He can quickly memorize technical projects, and also he can imagine the project prototype while taking up the projects.He always wants to build a vibrant and robust innovation ecosystem on the campus.

Email - ravishankar@giet.ac.in

Written By : Tirumani Radha Ravi Sankar

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