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Located on the serene suburbs of Rajahmundry, the 300-acre GIET student-friendly campus is designated a vehicle free and bike-friendly environment of outstanding beauty to study and socialize. Its mission is to foster outstanding engineering graduates, facilitate cutting-edge research and forward innovations anchored to ethical and environmentally responsible engineering practice for the benefit of global society.   Annual events like medha,srasta,spartha are hugely popular and draw the participation of students from engineering colleges across the country.Giet is one of the premier engineering colleges chosen to serve as a center for technical skill development institute. A significant effort in that direction is the soft launching of APSSDC SIEMENS workshops at the new dedicated complex ‘ DR.APJ Abdul Kalam’ block.

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Student Entrepreneurship

Godavari Institute of Engineering & Technology (GIET) was established in 1998 to offer engineering education with world-class standards. Over the years, the college has come a long way to gain a place of repute and a preferred destination for quality engineering education. Located in the serene and sylvan suburbs of Chaitanya Nagar, Rajahmundry on NH-16, the sprawling 300-acre campus of GIET campus reflects the finest educational facilities around. The stately 5-storeyed structure set amid idyllic setting ensures a most congenial atmosphere for scholastic pursuit in right earnest. An ISO-certified, NBA-accredited and NAAC-A Grade accredited institution, GIET has many distinctions to its credit.

Student Involvement in I&E :

            GIET mainly concentrates on Innovation. It has a Microsoft Innovation center established on 6th December 2012. It is making the students participate in the Entrepreneur Skill Development workshops and seminars. As a result, it is continuously hosting HR Summits every year. Many successful entrepreneurs have been interacting with the students on the Innovation and Entrepreneur Skills.  It also concentrates upon the Communication skills improvements. It has been conducting Many Communications expos and Language expos, especially for the first year students to make them good speakers. It mainly concentrates to embed Technical skills to the students for which every year on the occasion of Engineer's Day, a Technical fest named, MEDHA is being conducted. MYTHRI, the cultural fest will be conducted with more pomp and splendor. Also the NSS (National Service Scheme) Unit plays a very active role in the city of Rajahmundry, by creating awareness of the burning Social problems. GIET took a step ahead to empower students to mold themselves in the path of I&E with the establishment of  Research and Development cell which enables students to develop I&E environment and ecosystem throughout the campus.

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Faculty in the campus mainly imparts the technical knowledge and also helps us to think more innovatively to create new things. They support students to think in a wider way rather than thinking in the same conventional way everyone thinks. The Microsoft Innovation center serves the students to a great extent in sharing the ideas and work on different projects. Faculty also try to involve themselves in different projects and boost the student for Innovation. To raise the standards of teaching in GIET, faculty were sent to IIT Madras under FDP(Faculty Development Program) to inculcate new methodologies which improves the ambieance in the classroom teaching .

University Technology Transfer Function

The college is equipped with a Student team called “ INNOGEN”. This INNOGEN   works as a Technical Wing of Student Activity
Council.  In this students work on their own technical projects and incubate a product based on the marketing strategies. Three best projects will get resources to design it from Industries. Once the product is designed, it is incubated by the industries. Depending upon the negotiation, the students get shares in the sales of the product. There is a new program launched named Student Activity Council(SAC). Students need a new environment where they can grow their interpersonal skills and their technical skills parallelly. SAC stood as the best platform for satisfying their needs. 

University-Industry Collaboration

            It is very essential for a Student to know to what extent does his academic knowledge help him in his job. Many of the students will have the same doubt.  This can be eliminated with the “University-Industry collaboration”. GIET is equipped a much with the Industrial Collaborations. It has been conducting seminars and conferences with the most successful entrepreneurs all over the world. For which it has been hosting HR Summits, where HR managers of different MNC’s come under one roof to interact with the students and answer their queries.

GIET rooted the path of new pavements for the industrial fields with the centers of excellence namely 

  • Virtusa Center of Excellence
  • Dassualt Center of excellence
  • Aveva Center of Excellence
  • Hebeon Incubation Center
  • Microsoft Innovation Center
These ensure students to work on their desired aspects in Industries. It provides the backgrounds of discipline and enables students to tackle problems at the intersection of Industries and Technology.

Regional and Local Economic Development

       GIET, being a most vibrant college in the aspect of Regional and Local development with the most active tool “National Service Scheme”, it creates awareness among the citizens of Rajahmundry with its service. Recently it has conducted a rally on “ Cashless Transactions “ to check the most burning problem of India, the Demonetisation. As the college is in its Budding stage in Entrepreneurship, it is rarely contributing to the Regional and Local Economic Development. 

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