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FALL 2019


How do I

Bring about an awareness about the mental health 


“EXPRESS DON’T SUPPRESS” needs to be the new anthem of the world. Mental disorders are now the leading cause of disability in the world. They are soon becoming the second biggest cause for death.In India approximately 150 million people have mental disorder. Amongst youth that is people under the age of 25. There is one suicide every hour in tht age group.making it the country with highest number of suicide between the age 18-29.

In schools we have physical education classes but we do not have anything to talk about mental health. It’s not part of the curriculum, I think if we include this in the curriculum and introduce the idea of the importance of mental health at a school level there will be no stigma because it is the same way that children are educated about the importance of mental health. Education about the importance for people to turn anti discriminatory against mental illness. 

Hence I propose to set up a mental health awareness club


  1. Mental health assessment


  1. Colouring
  2. Game
  3. Music therapy
  4. Laughing clubs
  5. Dance around aimlessly
  6. Chatbot 
  7. Gratitude & achievement journal. 
  8. Feedback


I showed my prototype workshop to the faculty, and the students, all of them applauded and congratulated for my work. The head of the department of my branch ( electronics and communications) was pleased to see the workshop. He was amazed at my thought. He applauded me on choosing this topic because he has lost a very dear friend to this mental illness and was guilty that if he was a little aware of this earlier, he could have helped him and would have a great friend whit him today. After looking at everything, he spoke to my peers about the importance of mental health awareness and shared his bitter experience. My friends were also startled and had a great time participating in the interactive questionnaires and playing that online game. My prototyping has been a huge success, and I feel that if this meager effort of mine can help even a single person, I would feel contended.

Testing prototype:


How do  I

Provide guidence to students through website


As I have been observing every nook and corner of the campus, I have noticed that there are a few students who join the classes a bit late and miss their classes. I also wanted to make a platform where the juniors and seniors can combine and study. So my idea is to create a website where the students can upload videos of the respective subjects and topics, and once the video is uploaded the faculty will be seeing and examining at the first time, and then if the faculty will be giving marks or grades according to the content and the amount of subject the student has understood. Those videos will be available to each and everyone holding an account on that website. At the end of the video or the topic, there will be a questionnaire, where the person learning the issue will be having to answer that and according to the answers given, there will be marks or grade points given to those students simultaneously. 

How did I build my prototype 

  1. Laptops or pc
  2. Expert advice
  3. Skills 
  4. Html
  5. Javascript
  6. Css
  7. Powerpoint
  8. word documents
  9. Materials
  10. Internships
  11. Exams

Comments and suggestions on my prototype

Project Paper prototyping and PPT -

I showed my website to my juniors, seniors, and our faculty and to our principal sir. They were very happy to see the website that it is beneficial to the juniors for their improvement. 

They expressed their approval for my website, which gave me a lot of happiness that I succeeded in solving one of the problems in our college. It took me to eternal bliss when I saw their excitement towards the website. 

The faculty felt happy that the website is beneficial to the students for their preparation, and they can improve themselves. They also suggested me to include a page on the website that the students can interact with each other.



How do I

Being a computer science student, I have decided to create a website that has many features included in it, which can be accessed by every student of the college. My idea was to make every student aware of the basic lifeskills and guide their career after completing their graduation. 
Students are in a dilemma of going to higher education or a job. Later comes the necessary life skills, which are the most important thing that people are lagging today and are complete depending upon others for their work.


1.access granted to students

2. career awareness

3. career growth

4. career challenges

5. live examples

6. basic life skills


The solution is made through an website which contains the following features

1.access granted to students

2. career awareness

3. career growth

4. career challenges

5. live examples

6. basic life skills

All these features enable one to have proper guidance in the career part and learn the necessary life skills required nowadays without depending on others. A website will make these things more accessible, and every week one essential skill is updated on the site in the form of ppt or practical video, and if it requires real-time work, we can make some workspace and teach them.


For these the  small things that were required  are:

  1. Workspace.
  2. Laptop or pc.
  3. Basic skills on computer.
  4. Html.
  5. Javascript.
  6. Css.
  7. Powerpoint presentation.
  8. Word documents.
  9. Papers.
  10. Sketches, pencils and pens(initiation prototyping on paper).
  11. Expert advices .
  12. A healthy talk with all branch students.
  13. post its
  14. colour papers



Project Paper prototyping and PPT - [1]

When I made a powerpoint presentation  and paper prototype regarding my website and showed it to my faculty and vice-principal of the college, they appreciated me for coming up with a good idea. When a similar thing I explained to my friends, they were fully satisfied and wanted me to create a website as soon as possible. The prior compliments and little suggestions are on for improvements made me boosted and energetic.


How do I

Collaborate individuals to come together on one specific workplace.


Connect Tron” is a place where some individuals come together on one specific workplace to develop themselves of their Problems or a by-product/prototype by a guide.

In college/university, Each student has their agenda, a fallback point, and some of them can come up to their agendas and, But some of them cannot because of the factors like lack of research and time maintaining on their agendas and fallback point. So the ‘Connect Tron’ Portal connects some of the individuals who have the same agendas and nearby fallback points of them. By the Connect Tron, many individuals can form a group of their agendas, and they can share their work and time, so then they can reach up to their goals, Where in some cases, we can take help or guidance from a particular faculty member.


 1. Mobile, Laptop or Pc

 2. Internet

 3. Portal for connection

 4. HTML

 5. Source(Material for research)

 6. Google Forms

 7. Workplace

 8. Expert Advice

 9. Group Discussions

10. Creative Thinking
11. Brainstorming Sessions

12. Tools for the workspace


Connect Tron Project Video -
Connect Tron Project PPT and Paper prototyping -

While I was thinking about the solution, I imagined myself how will be the response of my Co pals and the facility reaction would be, and then I have framed the solution. I have seen the same reaction  while I have shared it with some of my Co Pals and the Facility members. The Facility members of mine cheered me for the concept that I have developed.

FALL 2018



 Enable students towards project making ability skills


Many of the graduates these days are unable to create a project on their own and simply depend on other sources to complete their project. Which also creates impractical knowledge within themselves. To overcome this I came out with an idea to establish clubs, provide practical knowledge, design and patent cell in the institution. Clubs provide the student with the basic information required for the project and patent cell encourages them to start a startup on their own. Patent cell ensures the peers with inspiration and potentiality to work on their project. It gives a chance to every student peer to sustain in the heavy competitive world by their idea.


To build this prototype, I glanced over many thoughts and ideas like motivation, real-time environment, global exposure, and creativity. Finally, I choose “DESIGN THINKING”. It contains many tools that deal with the good priorities and possibilities to work in a particular area or situation. The design thinking tools had a great impact and contribute to an individual irrespective of their fields of study.

The working of the patent cell: students come up with their ideas and thoughts regarding projects and seek the guidance of particular faculty. Here he will be provided with the basic resources required to build the project. Later, he has to provide a prototype and after the examination of the prototype by the faculty he will be given a permit to start his project. A final phase, after the successful completion of his project, peers will be enrolled to have a patent on their project and path will be paved their bright future.

By this students will get to know about the importance of projects and patents on their name.


“ A good prototype involving students to create something with their excellence.” – by Dr. M V Prasada Rao.

 “ I measure it as a student development which increases their level of standards.” – by Venkatesh.

 “A challenging task which will give good impact to any student peer from any field of study.” – by Sreyash.

 “Worthy one to the students and which creates an identity to them.” – by Navya.





In my class a large portion of them seem to be really frightened to put themselves out, I mean like they are really terrified from inside with the inquiry "WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK?". I don't think it is the absence of innovative thinking however it is stage and inspiration for my companions. My solution to this issue is to give inspiration and a stage to express their belief systems. This will likewise assist them with taking disappointments in a positive vibe. The more they will express their thoughts the more certain they will be which at last builds up their relational abilities.


I had a can loaded with thoughts when I was prototyping this like;

1. Having alumni from the school who resembled us and now are fruitful.

2. Bringing those social specialists who work for the general public as speakers.

3. Sorting out exercises like gathering talks among students with a particular goal that this may assist them with socializing and it will likewise help in understanding that they are nowhere mediocre compared to other people.

4. They can come to have intuitive gatherings and learn, create.

5. Classroom diversions for eagerness.

6. I think it is better where individuals who are keen on a specific thing meet and work which will reveal to them the significance of cooperation.

One can dispose of his/her stage dread and quit being a contemplative person. I will require the help of my colleagues for this. As said, ”TEAMWORK MAKES A DREAM WORK”.


“Try to find better ways to involve more students”-Arjun
“That’s the actual problem with our peers, hope it will take place as soon as possible.”-Ch Sai Lakshmi
“ “Practice makes man perfect” so trying having more sessions and involve all students.”-Ramya Pulla
“Tell the importance of this to all the first year students.”-Bhanu





The capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage is called entrepreneurship, if this enables in students as for skills we should allow students to take control of their own ideas and from visions for future potential ventures.There are plenty of new opportunities available to introduce Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the earlier student experiences. By creating an environment where students are challenged to think differently and face the challenges to get with the best outcome. There are many instances where students have a typical time trying to think of ideas to start a small startup.Then why can’t we go for building our career as an entrepreneur?   

My solution to this problem was creating a startup workshop to students.


I came across with many ideas to build my prototype. Eventually, I decided to create a platform for every student to participate in this startup workshop who are enabled in Entrepreneurship skills. I have made a prototype design to implement with a good start. There are four main objectives which include in a startup workshop are:

  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Technical skills
  • Management skills
  • Personal maturity skills

Entrepreneurship skills:

  • students are trained with problem-solving ability skills during risk factors.
  • This enables inner discipline, ability to take risks, change-oriented and being innovative.

Technical skills

  • Technical skills play a vital role in developing the design of your startup idea.
  • These skills help to operations in communication and other development of our ideas.

Management skills

  • Management skills which help in administering our startup.
  • planning and Decision-making skills are the key aspects which student should build up to become an entrepreneur

Personal Maturity skills:

  • These skills include in which student should be strong in a way of expressing emotion.
  • Accountability and self-awareness ensure students to make a consistent idea.
  • Bringing students from different departments and make an interaction session for some time.
  • This enables to build their peer mentorship to pop up with their new ideas of their startup
  • This enhances the transfer of knowledge and incorporates decision making with inner discipline.
  • Enabling the students with their own ideas in a presentation to explain the way how it works?Whether it really works ? is it beneficial to society? Should have the ability to explain positive of the design of their startup.
  • Make them think, sketch and label their own appropriate design of thought of their startup.
  • Poster presentation, prototyping creative idea, video making of idea….., which are the makeovers can be done by the students.

Create a structured outline of startup ideas for organizations to follow after passing off so that they remain successful in future ventures,

For establishing this commune I need guiding hands of my colleagues. To make it successful.


Here are some of my suggestions and comments listed which  are delivered by my peers:

”This is a better way of approach and analyzing the student's ideas. By creating interest to build up their own skills is a good idea.” -Swetha.

“I hope this could be an encouraging program for all the students who are ready to face the challenging situations in their career.” --- Vyshnavi.

“I really feel delightful for your event of motivating students and making advancements of their startups.”-Kalyan

I feel very much happy with my peer's suggestions and comments, which helps me motivate and incorporate all the things in a fruitful manner.






Though a lot of students are placed in different types of companies, there is a little bit of confusion in every student about their career and the problems that they are going to face ahead. There are some unknown advantages for MNC's and as well as Startups also. But students are not aware of them.

So, I thought to create a club where students can have an official meet and discuss the pros and cons of the present industry. By having these healthy discussions they will know about the main advantages and disadvantages of companies which they are interested to work in.



To build my prototype I used materials like charts, sketch pens, folders, student laptops, wifi connection, chargers, and some other things.

I made a lot of research work about different companies in different streams. Had an eye on a lot of websites that provide information about those companies. Later on, I searched for different efficient and effective speakers who are ready to answer students about their career.

By maintaining a space, this club can be improved in many ways. And though I have a lot of resources to make this club successful, the main and important resource are participants. By having a huge support from my peers I could make this prototype very well.

Research work helped me a lot to make prototype because in this club there are lot domains that I should work on and I should gather information about all those domains and respective companies too.


I demonstrated my action space to numerous understudies and personnel. Every one of them applauded my experiment and I felt my thought was a very big achievement. The Head of my branch(Computer Science) was exceptionally impressed with my thought and valued me a lot on this idea. All the workforce also reacted in the same way to my thought.

And my peers felt this would significantly profit a lot of us. They additionally recommended me to incorporate speaker who is experienced in the field, on a particular day. So that, questions can be posed to that speaker and students may solve their doubts instantly in a live speaker session. I acknowledged their significant proposals and as of now in a procedure of actualizing them.

One of my friend named Ayush is very much impressed and interested in this club.

And some of the comments made by my friends are,

" This is one of the best platforms to clear every student doubt about their career opportunities and know the pros and cons"                                                                                  

                                                                                                                               - By Ayush.

“ Having a lot of students in such clubs will make students brighter and club successfully”

                                                                                                                               -By Krishna

“Very much excited to see this club, even I wanted to be an active participant in this club ”

                                                                                                                                -By Satya

Spring-2018 Cohort :





In my school, a significant number of my companions are lacking industrial exposure however some of them are extremely intrigued to accomplish something important. My solution to this problem, is to provide a space with low cost industrial scrap  i.e  to make students to understand the industrial workflow, which boosts up their interest and it also encourages them to apply the theoretical knowledge they gained in the lectures. My solution is not confined to only students who are interested but it also aims to build interest among all the students in my school.


For this prototype, I explored to numerous thoughts like workshops on industrial motivation, providing real time environment and many more. By using the methodology of “DESIGN THINKING” and the available resources and also by providing a space with a low cost industrial scrap   I made students to understand the industrial workflow, as it is a powerful method to reach every student’s mindset ,every student may get propelled seeing their companions working in school building industrial projects.
I gathered a group of people and I provided them low cost industrial scrap and I encouraged them to build their idea as a venture of their insight.. They are very much excited to get this opportunity and they strived their best to make the project fruitful.
With their teamwork, they worked hard for three days and they made the project successful. This activity engineered a positive perspective among all the students in my school and now we are getting a lot of encouragement and motivation from our faculty and management.


There are comments and suggestions on my prototype, few of them listed below:

"This movement spurred me a ton to shape myself to wind up noticeably a decent designer however this idea ought to be created considerably more insightful to make it more productive." - By Venkatesh.

"This brings an enduring institutional change and support my peers to enlighten their thoughts and I trust this occasion should live long."- By Savithri

"It influenced me to understand that innovation assumes a noteworthy part for the future presence of ventures."- By Amina

“This event will be more effective when students of all disciplines gets involved at the same time so the students can build their network and also they can know the work involved in other disciplines too.”-By Deepika.
I was really very happy and delighted to get these comments and suggestions from my peers and I am really very motivated now to broaden my idea to make every student be benefited with this prototype.

Strategy #2 :


Expand student's view on entrepreneurship skills


encouraging and supporting the student ideas through start ups.In my school (GIET) many of the students are interested in inventing new things which are related to their respective core branches but they don’t have any perfect platform to exhibit their new designs. So I thought that it will be possible by creating an E-cell which is formally known as entrepreneur cell in the school itself. By this the students disclose their start up ideas with the help of prototype design.

How did I build my prototype :

First I have started brain storming process for the stated problem. I got so many solutions for that problem. They include leadership skills, human capital, dedication, time management, intelligence, courage, creativity, success, team, vision, networks, energy management, research. To meet all these things I have made a prototype design of entrepreneur cell which consists of all the strategic priorities.

How the entrepreneur cell works: In the cell, students come up with their ideas as a prototype design. Those prototype will be going to exhibit here as in the name of ”TECHNO ENTREPRENEUR HUB PROTOTYPE EXPO”. With the help of this expo, the remaining students will be inspired to get involved in this cell. Not only students, but also the different people from different organizations will play a vital role in the prototype exhibition.

By this the students will aware of entrepreneurship skills in the school itself.

Comments and Suggestions on my prototype :

They said this idea is pretty cool and worthy for each and every student who strives to succeed as an entrepreneur It will more better, if the funding will given by the government. Then the support is very rigid.

Strategy #3




A considerable number of my peers are only confined to only theoretical knowledge but when they have to apply the theoretical knowledge they studied to solve the practical challenges, students are confronting problems. To solve this, I designed a forum “7HW”, in which the students as well as the faculty members of my school can interact online. This establish as a framework for my peers to share their ideas. They can expand their network and also they can find career opportunities. This platform is multi disciplinary, this empowers students to interact with the students of other disciplines.


While I was designing a prototype, I came across many ideas like Digital Classrooms, Sophisticated labs and many more. But I felt that these ideas may take time to be implemented in my school. My main motto is to build a quick and a unique solution so that every student may get benefited with my idea in a short period of time.
In 7HW, my peers can interact with the faculty members by which they can clarify their doubts, take online lectures, interact with students of other disciplines and also they can have a video conferencing to discuss their ideas. I am also planning to involve the IT professionals by which my peers can know their role as an engineer in the industrial environment. I believe that when students discuss about the present and upcoming technologies at least for an hour daily, they will definitely present their best in the campus interviews and they will crack the best job.
I planned to organize competitions like hackathons, coding challenges, website design, IOT, design thinking and many more. This activity generates an enthusiasm among the students to participate and win exciting prizes. My main aim is to bring out the hidden talents of the student.


I received many comments and suggestions. Few of them are listed below:

“I appreciate your idea, this would bring a great change among the students of the campus. I feel this would be more effective when the look and feel of this forum is even more developed”-By Kshema.

“I am in search for the right platform to mould myself as an IT engineer, I hope this will help me to achieve my goal”-By Balu.

“I am very impressed with your forum, your can make wonders if this spreads to every student in the campus”-By Amina.

The response for my prototype gave a new energy to achieve something big. I am very happy to receive a positive response from my peers and faculty. Now, I am heading towards to build a great network and empathy to my forum.

Strategy #4




Students are facing problems while they are attending interviews or group discussions in campus drives. They are not being employed into the companies though they have good command in technical skills. One can present their talent well only when they have good communication skills.  I tried to solve this problem by establishing a hub “IPSC-HUB” in my school. My vision is to enhance interpersonal and communication skills of students.


I faced many hurdles while building a prototype. Finally, I decided to establish a hub in my school. One can build a good network among people, only when they have good communication skills. To make this hub fruitful, I choose three more people as organisers, namely Nishitha Aluri, Tejaswani Jagu, Manjunath Kousik who can interact well with all my peers. The main activities of the hub are:

  • Cross Talks
  • Group Discussions’
  • Jam
  • Debates
  • Ted Talks
  • Empathy
  • Life skills
  • Conflict Mangaement
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Relationship Management

We need more mentors for this hub, so we thought to start small. One can develop his communication skills only when he communicates frequently. Some can be moulded fastly but some may take time. So, firstly, we will recruit 30 students  who are enthusiastic to mould themselves. We will train them so they can act as trainers by which we can involve all the campus in our school to participate in this hub. And this process repeats though leave the campus after accomplishing our degree.


One of my friends Nihanth commented that this idea will be very much helpful for the students to expand their wings on interpersonal skills,but it would better if this session goes with large number and more often T.V Rao ,professor of computer sciences department commented that all the disciplines irrespective of the department must have active participation in the sessions.

I am very much obliged to build up this prototype

SPRING-2017 Cohort






I Explored every nook and corner of my campus and found everything to be perfect from infrastructure to faculty but the main problem I found was the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge among the students. All that was being taught to them was not being put into practical use and hence students did not understand most of the important information.

Another perspective involved students who had the zeal to build something,but didn't have the necessary resources and all their ideas were just vaguely floating in their mind. To bridge this gap among the practical and theoretical knowledge I came up with a brilliant solution in the form of an activity room that was well applauded by my peers.through this I wanted all the children to put their ideas to practical use and turn their dreams into reality.


As I mentioned earlier my idea of the activity room was very inviting for all the students. Let me give you a list of the things that I included in my activity room

1.Moulding clay

2.Oiling Can

3.Magnifying glass

4.A cutter blade(to cut iron)

5.Mechanix set

6.Charts both white and coloured

7.Decorative Ribbons

8.Sketch pens

9.Writing Pads

10.White A4 papers

11.Colour paper or scrap books

12.White boards


14.Set squares

15.protractors(180 and 360 degrees)

16.Scissors (both plain and fancy)


18.Knives and knife sharpener

19.Bell pins

20.Board ins

21.Binder clips

22.paper clips


24.rubber bands


26.Pencil Sharpeners

27.Sewing Kit

28.Decorative items(eg:beads and gift wraps)




32.Gum Tapes


34.Stapler and stapler pins



37.Cutting Pliers


39.Wax cryons

40.Chalk Pieces(white and coloured)


42.Cling Film

43.Aluminium Foil

44.Measuring tapes


46.Hose pipe

47.Playing Cards


I put all these things into a room. Apart from to inspire the children I put up inspirational quotes,that I wrote on a chart. I had the idea that whenever my peers are struck somewhere they will look up from their work, read a motivational quote and strive harder to make what they wanted to make.

In My activity room I also arranged a projector and a screen so that if the students were making the project in a team, the team leader could display his ideas in the form of ppt and his colleagues could follow according to im or give him any suggestions if they wanted to.

Comments And Suggestions on My prototype

I showed my activity room to many students and faculty. All of them applauded my effort and I felt my idea was a huge success. The Head of the department of my branch(Computer Science) was very impressed with my idea and congratulated and appreciated me on thin novel thought. All the faculty also responded very positively to my idea.

All the students were excited about the idea of an activity room coming up in our campus where they could put their thoughts into action.Some of them were unstoppable as they started exploring and testing the things. And started thinking of what to make and from what.

One of my fellow students named Kiranmai is very fond of mechanix, and the very world of building something fascinates her.She was glad at the site of mechanix set and couldn't wait to fidget with it.she made a prototype of a mechanical windmill.once she was done she asked me to arrange for a dynamo the next time so that she could run it on electricity.hey joy knew no bounce and seeing her happy i was also glad that my prototype of an activity room had brought out her passion for mechanix.

Similarly two of my friends Priyanka and Narendra picked up straws to make something out of it.they thought for a long time but couldn’t come up with what to make. They came to me and asked me for a suggestion but i couldn’t think of anything instantly. Three of us discusse but couldnt come up with an idea.One of my faculty Vandana mam intervened and suggested me to provide WIFI enabled laptops or a system so that stuents who want to make somthing but are ot sure what to make can get ideas from the internet.

Strategy #2


provide wide range of career opportunities and proper career guidance to the students


My solution to this particular problem is a WEBSITE

During my landscape canvas , I found many of the students feel that the career guidance for them is not up to the mark i.e., they still need a platform where they can get accessed to the counselling at any time. The guidance provided during the class hours is often bare-bones. So, from multiple ideas, i’ve choosed “ Designing a website “ would be a one stop solution for this particular problem. With the help of this website, they can always get access to Open Study and become part of study groups. At this website, they can research the topic of their interest and get a customizable concept map that will help them make the studying materials cooler. The students will easily remember important information thanks to the interactive visual interface.


Firstly for this prototype i’ve come up with many ideas like newsletters, college radio, department led organisations etcetera .But building a website will be an  effective way to reach thousands of people and share their views,thoughts, and  expressions in a better and most possible way.i also discussed this with my mentors and accepted their valuable suggestions.

I made a powerpoint presentation for this website and projected this in front of my peers and some of the faculty members.

My ppt consisted of many slides which includes the abstract details of the website .It provides the information on the topics namely

  • Exams
  • Toppers speak
  • Internships
  • Career Guide
  • Expert Advice
  • What’s trending

In the “Exams” section, students are provided with all the available exams related to their core subject and also other exams like Defence examinations,Research based examinations etc.

When he clicks on any particular exam, it gives a set of options like exam date, video tutorials,reference books,sample papers and so on. It will then redirect them to that particular page.

Next comes the Internshipspage where it  helps students find the right internship to kick start their career. internships are the most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation.Whether they’re looking for work experience, want to receive college credits or just need some extra spending money, they can use this website for Summer jobs or entry level jobs.Best of all, searching for internships is completely free.They can serach their jobs in popular categories like Engineerin, Research, Humanities,Design etcetera.

The next comes Expert Advice where the students can get into contact with the college faculty and also to the departments of other colleges and universities.I found some of the students are facing problems with the faculty due to their timid nature in asking questions related to their vocation. So in this expert advice page, they can post their question and they receive their reply via email.Through this , he can receive multiple opinions and he can select the best option for his question.

In this section i.e., Toppers Speak the students will get to see the profiles of various students who have faced many challenges and finally succeeded with the flying colours. I thought that this website by sharing their experiences and giving them the tips helps them in solving some of the real life problems by which they can have a rough idea on what not to be done to build a successful career.

In  What’s Trending , the students are provided with the latest and popular information on various categories like

  • Tremendous Technologies
  • Art
  • Lifestyle
  • JNTU updates
  • New inventions
  • Recent Workshops
  • Photography etcetera

Through  this website he can have a generalised view on what's really happening around the world and helps him in having all round technical development.

The admin rights to this website will be provided to a set of people like the department representatives and to the teaching and technical department.

Comments And Suggestions on My prototype

I showed my website to my peers ,seniors and to our faculty and to our vice principal sir who is very supportive . All of them were really happy to see this website as it solves most of the minor and major problems of the fellows regarding the career opportunities.

“Your idea of this website is a near reflection of my thoughts” said my vice principal sir

They expressed their approval for my website which firstly gave me lots of happiness that I got succeeded in solving one of the problems in our campus. One of my friends namely Krishna suggested me that I could still improve the graphical user interface.  It took me to eternal bliss when I saw their excitement towards the website.

The faculty felt that this would be greatly benefit the students when this gets implemented so that the fellows who are passionate to learn but are timid can come up with their ideas and share them with their peers. They also suggested me to include a page in the website where the students can  interact with each other. I accepted their valuable suggestions and currently in a process of implementing them.

Strategy #3

How do I

help students to improve communication skills and technical skills at a time ?

Well  it’s the most common  problem to many of the first year students. When i spoke to them, i came to know that they were too scared to speak in front of people. The main problem is that the atmosphere was so strict and full of rules for the first year students. So i thought of organising them into a club where their friends or their seniors organize the club and make them speak in front of other students.

My Solution for the problem :

I thought to organise a “Speaker Friday “. In this , Second Year Students will conduct  a one-hour session every Friday. Paper Presentation, Elocution , Poster presentation, Project Expo, are a part of this event.

My Prototype :

My prototype to this solution is orgainising a “Speaker Friday”.I used my powerpoit presentation as a prototype to explain my peers.

Here’s the link of presentation :


Strategy #4




My solution for this problem is smart classes and INDIM Hub:

It was during the landscape canvassing exercise , we got to see that despite of a magnificent infrastructure ; there were a few problems solving which , will make the structure the best place to live in. I got to see that students were having a two dimensional view about what they were studying.I felt that they need

a smart class is an existing idea but I wanted it to be on fuller scale so that it opens the an imagination room in young minds.A INDIM hub gives freedom to student to solve little problem that he/she comes across in his/her daily life by using the teachings in current curriculum in their style.Firstly,I explained the idea of a smart classroom to my peers and how the idea can be extended in every subject.Then,I explained to one of our faculty and asked him to take a digi class.

Comments And Suggestions on My prototype

Well, everyone encouraged and complimented me for my effort.My classmates found the concept interesting about how we can use a simple concept as a tool to give them awareness.They suggested me that inclusion of additional documentaries with the digi teaching sessions which will give a brighter insight about a topic.INDIM hub is an extension of smart class where students will try to solve a problem by learning concepts during the digi sessions.Both faculty and students asked to me additional overview about the liberty hub which I tried to tell through a smart session.My professors liked the idea of smart classes and liberty hub and encouraged me to take a step forward.

One of my peers was quite interested in 3D smart class which  actually is ‘fun with learn’.Its is only when a person watches something that his inquisition increases.This is what creates an urge to know more and more and become what actually happens in a particular subject or technology.Eventually everyone liked the idea.  


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