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Fellow:Gowrisetti Venkata Srivasu

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Venkata Srivasu is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of technology at Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology in COMPUTER SCIENCE and Engineering. He is very much passionate about Web designing and innovative thinking. He is much interested in knowing about various kinds of subjects. He is a smart guy who would work hard and completes the work assigned to him, whether it is academic wise or in general wise. He always believes that education is not the thing that is to attain for marks, but it is to make a person knowledgeable and survive in a developing country. He is having a dream of having a single project which can change the entire trends of social media and is currently working on web designing basics. He is such a person who not only believes in his work but also respects other's work and encourages them. At the class, he makes a complete, friendly environment and responds smartly whenever a question asked.

He posses well-wisher qualities and always helps his peers in the subjects and makes them comfortable.

He is very much interested in team works and is excited to work on for a cause and some projects where he can associate and collect the knowledge from the experiences. He maintains a moderately high level of commitment to the activities given to him and ensures completion well before time. He has definite plans and is a good organizer. He believes in a motto that" life is only once, and it ultimately depends upon us how we design it."



Phone number-8332912677



Written By : Gowrisetti Venkata Srivasu

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