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Tala Sartawi Profile.jpeg
Tala Sartawi
School (Cohort)
University of North Florida (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
United States of America


Tala Sartawi was born and raised in Amman, Jordan and moved to the US in 2018, with a drive of wanting to get out of her comfort zone, and experience more of life. Tala is a Biology major with a minor in Leadership at the University of North Florida (UNF). She is currently in her third year and is working towards going to medical school after getting her undergraduate.. hopefully. In an ideal world, she would be able to balance between being a doctor and travelling the world.

Life as a pre-med student is very hectic and demanding, but Tala tries her best to maintain a somewhat balanced life. She juggles between doing the stuff that make life worth living, while studying, and participating in extra-curricular activities. She volunteers at a non-profit free healthcare clinic, MASS clinic, where she works as a scribe and an intern. Tala also volunteers with another non-profit organization known as Project Downtown, whose main goal is to help feed the homeless by making lunch every Saturday.

In her sporadic free time, Tala enjoys being outdoors, exercising, going on adventures, reading sci-fi books, attempting to discover the answers to unanswerable philosophical questions, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends.


Tala is the proud owner of an ever-growing list of mismatched achievements ( some of which are on her bucket list) among which are:

  • Skydiving
  • Getting accepted into the honors program at UNF
  • Being a facilitator/ TA for an honors class
  • Founding and being the ex-president for the Arab Student Union at UNF
  • Going on a study abroad to Peru!
  • Trained scribe
  • Snorkeling with manatees

Social media profiles

  • Snapchat: talasartawi
  • Instagram: talasartawii_
  • Facebook: Tala Sartawi

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