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Sole Artom 

School: IE University

Degree: Double Degree in Politics, Law and Economics 

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish 

Hobbies: volunteering work, cooking, reading, travelling 

Contact info

Email: sole1899@gmail.com / sartom.ieu2017@student.ie.edu

Whatsapp: +39 3429216330 

Sole profile pic.jpeg

Sole is a student at IE University, majoring in a double bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics. This degree helps her in connecting the dots between many important aspects of our society, in order to create solutions to big world challenges. She was born and raised in Italy, and she showed interest in voluntary work since an early age. Firstly helping in local communities for elderly people and children with serious illnesses in Milan, Sole then moved also to bigger communities and went to Peru for a summer to help families and children in need and is now trying to create a community at her university in order to avoid food waste by donating it to the people that need it. Other than this big passion, she has also particular interest in Law, as she believes that law is a language that people need to learn in order to help and create opportunities for the others. Sole recently joined the University Innovation Fellows program as a candidate, through which she hopes to create, together with her team, the beginning of a long journey towards a better future for everyone. 

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