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In IE University we value diversity among the students as one of our top strenghts, with over 130 nationalities represented in the two campuses, one in Madrid and one in Segovia, creating a unique community between students and the faculty members. As part of this community, we encourage the development of personalities and characters both of individuals alone and as part of this University as a whole. This is why our motto is "Driving Innovation", as every idea will always be something worth trying to evolve and see where it could lead. 

IE's ecosystem is comprised of 5 schools: the IE Business School, the IE Law School, the IE School of Human Science & Technology, the IE School of International Relations and the IE School of Architecture & Design.



IE Business School opens its doors in 1973, offering a number of MBA programs in Madrid’s business district. It’s in the 80’s when it cements as a school with an innovative entrepreneurial vision with the creation of its Centre for Entrepreneurship and Alumni Association and opens more than 29 development offices around the world.


With this innovative mindset, IE pioneers in e-learning launching its first blended programs. Additionally, Building on this spirit of joint venture, IE collaborates with other institutions, such as Brown University in the United States to joint programs. IE currently enjoys agreements and collaborations with around 100 prestigious schools in Europe, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


IE University begins its first undergraduate programs in 2006, a critical milestone for the institution. Students come from all around the world to the Segovia and Madrid campuses to study practical and innovative degrees. Based on IE’s world-renowned entrepreneurial model, these programs shape the new generation of professionals with continual guidance from the institution’s unique, highly experienced faculty.


IE University’s diverse and talented faculty comprises of over 500 professors to meet the needs of the 130 nationalities that make up our Bachelor, Master, PhD and Executive programs. We currently have over 60,000 alumni making tracks and driving innovation in a number of sectors around the world. With the emergance of design thinking as a key skill in innovation, IE University started offering a Bachelor in Design in 2017 to uphold their leadership in this trend.


IE University will be expanding in 2020 to the first vertical campus in Spain at Madrid’s new skyscraper where more than 6,000 students from all around the world will experience a redefinition of higher education where technology and business is combined with humanities.


Student Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation are two of the four IE pillars, alongside Humanities and Diversity. Students are exposed to entrepreneurship and innovation through their academic programs no matter their major, and have access to University-wide programs facilitating access to Entrepreneurship resources and events. With the mandatory Business Management module, first year undergraduate students compete against other classmates to win the Business Plan Challenge which awards the experience to pitch their idea to possible investors and win cash prices to fund their start up. Students seeking to start their own company can access the Area 31 incubator or the Venture Lab accelerator located in both Segovia and Madrid campuses. Selected ventures can utilize Venture Days and IE Rockets for further funding and support. Students wanting to involve themselves with entrepreneurship beyond the classroom may join the Start Up Lab or the Innovation Lab (amongst others) for more contextual projects (similar to an internship) during and after the academic year. Students can access a vast international alumni entrepreneurship network. IE startups include: Source{d}, Bioncotech, Turismoi, Viwomail, Viajaris, Tyba, Sadako, Respiro, Koiki, Masmovil, Ninjamails, Marsi Bionics, Insulclock, Foundation for Africa, Enomatic, Canard Drones, Busuu, Bitbrain.

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

Entrepreneurship is a key component that is integrated into IE's education.  IE strives to be a university that helps students enhance their entrepreneurial mindsets and encourages students to search for change and drive innovation as a means of achieving success.

The Entrepreneurship Center and the academic Entrepreneurship Department at IE requires both BBA and MBA students to sign up for an entrepreneurship course as a part of their degree.  While students pursuing other degrees have the option of signing up for entrepreneurship course as an elective. 

Additionally, they are committed to educational innovation, having pioneered in launching a department for Learning Innovation. IE has released the WOW room as well as high-impact Exponential Learning and several MOOCs and integrates technology to the classroom actively. 

IE is particularly known for it's MBA degree which is ranked #1 worldwide by QS (2018). Other centres that cater to IE include the Center for Diversity, Center for Corporate Social Innovation, Global Corporation Center and Center for Governance of Change. IE further sponsors or co-organizes several I&E events including: South Summit (largest startup fair in Southern Europe), Thinkers50 and IE Rockets.

University-Industry Collaboration  

IE University has been very engaged with both big and small industry players from its foundation. Both master and undergrad students engage with businesses from the start of their programs. Freshers and sophomores are part of the IE Labs, which act as consulting laboratories where they can work first hand with real-world cases. Companies collaborate due to their great interest in out-of-the-box thinking young students can offer to their companies. For instance, 2017’s Tech Lab for master students was sponsored by IBM and mentored students to solve an internal case. In the following years, students have mandatory internships that enrich both their personal careers and the industry. Therefore, when IE students graduate they have a clear picture of the industry’s options and can decide where to kickstart their career path. Regarding the entrepreneurship landscape, IE has developed various initiatives in the past years where businesses either fund, mentor or inspire students that want to develop their own projects. Examples of these are the Repsol Foundation Entrepreneurs Fund or the IE Rockets, which acts as an incubator for education startups.

Regional and Local Economic Development 

The School places a profound importance in the development both on an economic and social aspect within the local and regional community. Several projects within IE University strive to connect the IE institution on a local level especially in our campus located in Segovia, within the fields of creativitiy, design, social entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Few exampes of such project would be the HAY Festival which is a creative festival striving to connect the Segovian local Community and IE University as this one sponsores and organises it. A second project called 180 Degrees Consulting - IE Branch is also an opportunity to do pro-bono consulting being in direct contact with local NGOs that need support on an economical and social entrepreneurial level and thus build a bridge to share resources between the students and the local community.

Further current collaborations at IE also include partners such as The Hub Madrid, Net Impact and Emzingo to name a few...

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