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Sivaram.jpgPUTTA YOGA SIVA RAM PRASAD CHOWDARY is a University innovate fellow.He is pursuing UG in india in andhra pradesh.He is doing his B.Tech(C.S.E) at Qis college of Engineering and Technology.

He can Hack.... Systems,laptops,Mobiles,Webpages and social accounts........ Sivaram is an youngest entrepreneur and his started his own Company with his salary... He is one of the best-known enterpreneurs of the personal computer and he is the most fascinate about new technology,He can do smart work.He can solve any problem with his coolness,he is always think positive manner and he is the captain for his cricket team in his home town.He is the ambidexter and he can play the guitar.He is interested in computer science,sport and fantasy literature,he was just playing computer games,but some time later,he noticed that I could do a lot of things with the computer,for example programming.Now,he can already programue in C,C++,JAVA,DS,PYTHON.He is already working in IGrow international company in HYD and also he working in Google as a Designer and computer scientist.

His strength is his family,he can got so many certificates in competitive exams and he can sing the songs as well as dance.

He had coordinated in so many activities and siva is the President of students union in his clg and he is President of Students Innovation Club(SIC).

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