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The QIS College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 1998, and sponsored by Sri Nidamanuri Educational Society to promote technological education to meet the requirements of a developing nation in the context of global concern at the threshold of the twenty first century.
A team of educated, enlightened, experienced technocrats with vision, firmly determined to promote high quality education is striving to provide every facility for achieving excellence. The college is one of the best colleges in and around the Prakasam Dist.The college is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada.

The Engineering Programs offered at QIS College of Engineering are designed for career initiation and growth in the competitive market place. There is equal emphasis on theoretical concepts as well as practical insights, making our programs the right weapons to conquer the career goals.

FALL - 2017


The main problem that students are facing is communicating with people. We think students must improve LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills. If a person starts thinking in English then they can improve self-learning where they can correct themselves and starts translating from one language (mother tongue) to English. For improving themselves they have to attend online tests where there can know at what stage they are and want to step high by improving.

FALL - 2018

Strategy #1: College Radio

        College Radio provides an exciting and engaging medium for your students to develop their communication skills, build confidence and discuss the issues that are important to them.

                A  College Radio station can become a focal point for your school where students can express their views.

What Students Will Gain From School Radio

  • Build confidence and self esteem.
  • Improved speaking and listening skills.
  • Learn to write creative scripts and copy.
  • Conduct research into a range of topics.
  • Work as a team.
  • Understand the value of communication.

Students can start making talk shows, Reading news and music for relaxation.

FALL - 2017


As our college is located in a rural area, we have more students from that part. In our view joining in engineering without knowing its value is useless. We have to conduct sessions for them before joining or after their join so that they have a clear idea about it.By knowing value they can use their resources well to achieve their goal in a proper way.

FALL - 2018

Strategy #2: Designing new Study Chair

           Modern chair(Grabs your Attention)

The  new  things  included in this  chair  are

  • Transparent  display  as   a plank  which is also a mini computer.
  • Audio  plug in  facility provided  to  the  plank.
  • Charging  is required  to the chair  for what a charger wire is provided to one of the leg.
  • Seat can  be extended  forward.
  • A socket for water bottle is provided  to another  leg.


This idea can bring interest  in students  to sit and study. Using  this chair both classes  and  labs can be conducted  in a single place. A student will be benifited a lot by using this chair. WiFi will be connected  doubts can be clarified at any moment.

FALL - 2017

Strategy  # 3 : Less encouragement for extracurricular activites

Students have to participate actively in extracurricular activities. Students should be refreshed in between academics. If we conduct extra sessions for this activity then they can go through their interests.

FALL - 2018

Strategy # 3 :  Act As Professor

Why can’t students teach???

Of course they can. We are already teachers because at least once in a day we explain something to our friends. This thing can be followed like making them the real teachers by giving a chance to explain  juniors.    By doing  this  act  seniors  going  to get  job will  acquire    confidence  in  them  and  juniors  will  show  curiosity  to  follow their  seniors.

FALL - 2017


Students have their own ideas, but they want some space to explore it.To update our campus, we want ideas from students so that they need some space. The person who is using a resource knows the value of it and they are the persons whose change will create unique things.

FALL - 2018

Strategy # 4: Motivational Hub

We believe that “Aim for the moon even if you miss you will hit a star.” So we have an idea to implement a motivational hub

                                             “TECH NINJAS”

   ->   In motivational hub we will tag all the motivational words on the walls.

   ->We will also motivate students by our inspirational words like,

  • The best view comes from the hardest climb.
  • Look in the mirror that’s the competition.
  • Be the best version of you.
  • Sometimes you win but sometimes you learn.   
  • Benefits of motivation:
    • Motivation stimulates interest and the attitude of willing to learn.
    • Motivation promotes self-discipline.
    • The importance of motivation and measuring it in students is key in a successful learning environment.

FALL - 2017


There must be a change in the syllabus in our academics for two/three years. We can include some additional streams according to the trending technologies so that students can update to the technology along with academics.

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