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Satya Pranavi Gangapuri is a University Innovation Fellow and a fourth-year Biomedical Engineering student studying at the University of Technology Sydney. She is passionate about the Biomechanics and Biomaterials stream in her studies and being actively involved in the university campus to foster positive change and innovation.


Driven by her passion to empower women, Satya joined the Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT) community at UTS in 2018, to help reach out to young girls and promote the importance of STEM education and representation of girls within it. Alongside this, she is also active in pursuing her passion for her industry as the current Marketing and Media Officer for the Biomedical Engineering Society (BESUTS), with her role involving engaging and communicating with students through social media platforms, organising events and making industrial connections.

With her experience and interest in engaging in STEM and Humanitarian Engineering, Satya has recently run engineering workshops and multi-touch point projects at high schools, driven by the passion to promote STEM career paths with young students.

Through the UIF program, Satya has delved deeper into her passions and explored new opportunities such as Design Thinking hackathons and re-designing of solutions to further innovate & resolve campus problems. Currently, her team is focused on developing design and innovation activities that accommodate the current climate of online school and are working with faculty to introduce and improve university innovation curriculum.

For the future, Satya would like to continue being a part of an encouraging and inclusive community and inspire future legacies of students who will continue engaging and promoting STEM, innovation and beyond. Career-wise, Satya is looking forward to pursuing her passion for coding, computational modelling and medical devices while integrating her developed skills.

Email: satyapranavi.gangapuri@student.uts.edu.au

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