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Sami Golaski Profile Picture.jpegAs an Accounting and Financial Management major at Bucknell Univeristy, Sami Golaski has a passion for business as well as innovation and interdiscinplinary learning. After beginning her college career at Bucknell, Sami realized that there was great need for business minded people to solve some of society's greatest engineering problems, bridging the gap between many disciplines.

Since then she has strived to emerge herself in a number of different experiences that encourage real world situations and creative solutions.

Some of these experiences include being Leader of the Entreprenuership and Innovation Affinity House which is a selective community of students who share a passion for entreprenuership and innovation. She is also involved in the KEEN iniative on campus, particpating in  IDEA courses and the KEEN Winter Interdiscinplinary Design Experience. Sami is the first management student to become a Grand Challenge Scholar and traveled to Chile this summer for a course called Engineering in Extreme Environements. Outside of acedemics Sami is member of the Club Varsity Cheerleading Team and Alumni Relations Coordinator for Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. 

Looking to the future Sami hopes to obtain her CPA certification and start a career with a engineering company focuses heavily on innovation and sustainability. 

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